P2000, P2100

The  P2000 programmable cycle time and pre-settable shot volume dispensing system is designed to incorporate EMS PACIFIC’s state-of-the-art pump technology into a highly efficient pneumatic delivery configuration.

The P2000 series system features EMS PACIFIC’s uniquely designed check-ball valve  pump technology that delivers the highest level of accuracy, purity, and chemical compatibility for precision dispensing applications.

In packaging of products such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, semiconductor fabrication and assembly, food production, the P2000 series is designed for virtually any manufacturing or laboratory environment where repeatability and accuracy must be maintained. The system can be fitted with 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2″ or 1″ cylinder bore pump modules to accommodate a variety of shot volume needs.

The P2000 system comes in two (2) model packages, P2100 and P2000. The P2100 is the smaller of the packages.

The systems are composed of a pump module and a controller. Pump module and controller can be purchased separately.


Both inlet and outlet ports are fitted with an stainless steel hard ball type check valve. The motion of direction of the plunger dictates the opening and closing of the valves. When the metering plunger is retracting, fluid enters the pump chamber through the inlet valve while the outlet valve is closed.

When the metering plunger advances, it displaces an equal amount of fluid, which flows past the outlet valve. The metering plunger advances to an adjustable length stroke, depending on the shot volume desired. The shot volume dispensed is precisely metered by a digital micrometer head stroke adjustment.

To reload the pump, the metering plunger retracts from the pump chamber, closing the outlet check valve and drawing material through the inlet check valve.