P4000, P4100

The P4000 programmable cycle time and pre-settable shot volume dispensing system is designed to incorporate EMS PACIFIC’s state-of-the-art pump technology into a highly efficient pneumatic delivery configuration.

The P4000 system features EMS PACIFIC’s rotary valve-type pump technology; delivering the highest level of accuracy, purity, and chemical compatibility for precision dispensing applications. This is the high viscosity compatible model that EMS Pacific offers.

In packaging of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, biotechnology, semiconductor fabrication and assembly, food production, the P4000 is designed for virtually any manufacturing or laboratory environment where repeatability and accuracy must be maintained. The system can be fitted with 1/4”, 1/2″ or 1″ cylinder bore pump modules to accommodate a variety of shot volume needs.

The P4000 system comes in two (2) model packages, P4100 and P4000. The P4100 is the smaller of the packages.

The systems are composed of a pump module and a controller. Pump module and controller can be purchased separately.


The motion of direction of the plunger dictates the location of the inlet and outlet ports. When the plunger is retracting, the rotary actuator positions its valve opening through the inlet port while the outlet port is closed. Likewise, when the plunger advances, the actuator’s valve opening proceed  through the outlet port. The plunger advances to an adjustable length of stroke, depending on the shot volume desired. The shot volume dispensed is precisely metered by a micrometer head stroke adjustment .


  • Pump module is easy to maintain and clean
  • Autoclavable pump components
  • Adaptable for remote operation
  • Minimum dead volume for easy priming
  • Purging with minimum effort
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Pre-settable shot volume
  • Clean material cut-off
  • Air requirements: filtered dry air at 100 PSI max
  • Relay or PLC controllers available