EMS Pacific, INC. – Precision Fluid Delivery

In this era of increasing automation – from the laboratory to the product line – the challenge posed to the leaders in fluid dispensing technology is clear: to keep up with industry’s demand for efficient, quality products that improve output. This is leading to a new drive to stream-line labor intensive operations: And in fluid applications, a new focus on microprocessor-controlled fluid dispensing, metering, and proportioning. In terms of efficiency and accuracy, programmable fluid dispensing offers valuable productivity solutions for today’s wide range of environments.

This web site provides detailed descriptions of EMS Pacific’s motor-driven precision pump systems, pneumatically driven precision pump systems, and syringe dispensing systems. For pre-existing control and delivery configurations, EMS Pacific’s offfers a line of discrete valveless piston pump modules and unique plunger-type pump modules.

EMS Pacific’s investment in quality translates into minimal down-time and low repair costs for our customers. Through competitive pricing and superior engineering, all of our systems and components are designed to bring you the highest value for your investment.